Nine was born out of the idea that Sai Alumni are a unique group of socially conscious, seva-oriented people who are going out into the world and making a difference in so many ways, big and small. We wondered how much more good we could do if we were all connected, could easily collaborate with each other, and efficiently help each other in supporting our progress toward personal, community, and global goals.

We are so much better and stronger together, so Nine is designed as an exclusive, private social networking app for Sai alumni which offers a curated social experience on a secure and vetted platform. Nine works to bring together relevant content, connections and conversations that matter to alumni personally and professionally, enhance our seva efforts, and add value to our future as a global community.

Let’s do this together!


Why Nine?

Nine is an exclusive, private social networking app for alumni from the men’s campuses of the SSSIHL and schools.

It’s the easiest way to connect with alumni across the globe, especially those who aren’t already in your phone’s contacts.

Alumni are using Nine to:

– Stay engaged with events and alumni news and updates
– Learn about the next career opportunity on a community-wide jobs board
– Find out which alumni are near them in the city or country they are visiting
– Organize and manage their seva activity
– Stay connected in real-time with friends
– Utilize our close bonds to find career mentors in their field
– Dialogue and debate to expand their mind and experience other points of view
– Feel a sense of fulfillment in participating in a community based in doing good

Nine’s mission is to help you feel connected and appreciated as a unique part of this growing community, and to allow you to share your thoughts, skills and purpose with others who come from the same ethics-based brotherhood, as we all embark on our lives and good efforts in this global community.


Check out this short video which explains Nine in a nutshell!